Ye Old Menogyn Guides
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Photo Gallery  Camp (Click photo for enlargement)
Photo Camp Aerial 1960s-tMonster at Bearskin Landing-1960s-t
Aerial Shot of Bay, Boathouse, Dinning Hall (1960s)Menogyn Bay Boathouse  "Monster"  in Dock (1960s)
Paddling into Menogyn Bay-1960s-tCanoe Racks-1961-t
Paddling into Menogyn Bay (1960s)Canoe Racks
Stairway to Dining Hall-1960s-t\Volleyball Game-1961-t
Stairway to Dining Hall-1960sVolleyball Court (1960s)
Hernandos Hideaway-tOld Sauna on Lake-1962-t
Hernandos Hideaway (1960s)  Old Sauna (1960s)   Ted Gamelin
Ice Box-Trail Director-1960s-tCamper Cabin-1960s-t
Ice Box-Trail Director (1960s) Ted Gamelin Camper Cabin (1960s) 
Steve Goggin, Ted Gamelin,  Fred Nordeen
Pontoon  Leaving with Staff-tWest Bearskin Landing-1960s-t
Pontoon Boat Leaving Camp with Staff  for Town Run -1960sWest Bearskin Landing  (1960s)
Gunflint Trail-1961-tPhoto Camp Bldg Paulson Arm-t
Gunflint Trail 1960sArm Paulson Camp Director 1963-67
Camp-Boathouse 1961-tDining Hall & Lodge-1960s-t
Menogyn Bay & Boat House (1960s) Dining Hall & Lodge (1960s)
Boat House & Dock 1960s-t 
Boat House, Totem Pole & Dock  (1960s)  

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