Ye Old Menogyn Guides
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Campers Ready to Eat-1950s-t
Campers in Dinning Hall Kitchen KP Duty (1950s)Campers Ready for Chow-1950s
Photo Campers-50s-Planning Trip-tGuide Helping Camper with Pack-1950s
Campers Planning Trip-1950sGuide (Dan Gamelin) Helping Camper with Pack (1950s)
Photos Campers-40s-tPhoto Campers Moose Antlers-t
Menogyn Guides & Campers from 1940sBob Jacobsen Guide with South Mpls Highschool  Campers-1960s
Photo Campers Oak Knoll 
Don Peterson Guide with Oak Knoll Church Group-1960sDan Gamelin Guide with
Photo Campers NORD du 1965 Albany River-t
Hommes du Nord Trip at James Bay - Bldg Hudson Bay Company - 1965 Hommes du Nord Trip to James Bay - Many Fish 1965
Photo Campers Hommes du NORD 1966-t 
Hommes du Nord Trip 1966 
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