Ye Old Menogyn Guides
Photo Gallery  Historic (click photos for enlargements)
Dad Tripp Portaging Canoe-1920sDad Tripp Early DaysDad Tripp at Menogyn-1948
Early Photo of  O. R.  "Dad" Tripp Portaging Canoe-1920sEarly Photo of  O. R.  "Dad" TrippLater Photo of O. R. "Dad" Tripp at Camp- 1948
Board Directors with Moosehead-Late 1940s
Charlie Cole (Board), Charlie Boonstrom, Arnette Leslie (Chairman of Board) Discussing Construction  Plans - 1948Board Members Delivering Moose Head to
in Lodge - 1948
Building of First Cabins-late 1940s  
Charlie Boonstrom, Board Members
Supervising Construction of Cabin,  1948