Ye Old Menogyn Guides
Bruce Ahlquist 

1) Staff  Positions:  Guide (1961-65), Assistant Director (66)

2) Nicknames: "Quist", "Moose"

3) Hometown:  Minneapolis, MN

4) Current Residence:  Woodland, CA

5) Life After Menogyn:  I worked for the Minneapolis YMCA from 1966-69 as a Community Program Director.  From 1969-79  I worked for the Appleton, WI YMCA as the Youth and Camp Director.  In  1979 I began working for the Salt lake City YMCA as the Associate General Director.  In 1984 we moved to California where I was the General Director of the Yolo County YMCA  until I retired in 2003.  And I have been living the good life ever since. 

6) Careers/Professions:  Community Program Director (Minneapolis, YMCA), Community and Program Director (Appleton, WI) YMCA), YMCA Associate General Director (Salt Lake City),YMCA General Director (Yolo County, CA).

7) Family:  I married Sue Fulton whom I met at George Williams College.  We have two children: Julia and Gunnar and one grandchild, Betsy Tanner.

8) Favorite Trips/Campsites:  Granite River-Greer Lake Loop; Greer Campsite

9) Recollections of Camp Directors:  I have always found that it was difficult to follow someone that was good at a job. I admired the way that Arm followed Jim Gilbert who was very good as a Director and became very successful at being the Director of Camp Menogyn in his own way. What a great example Arm was as a YMCA Camp Director. He made me want to be one and showed me how they were supposed to act. He also helped the staff get to know the Minneapolis YMCA Staff members that accompanied the Hi-Y groups that used to come to Menogyn. They were neat guys doing an important job which also influenced my choice of careers. The opportunity to be the assistant director for a summer was wonderful. 
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10) Impacts of Menogyn Experience/ Staff :    Menogyn gave me an in-depth experience with the YMCAI learned a lot and became convinced that I wanted a career in the YMCA. This along with the examples of Jim Gilbert and Arm Paulson as YMCA professional YMCA staff led me into my career and life time involvement.