Ye Old Menogyn Guides
Jim Arnold

1) Staff Position: Guide (61-63, 65); Guided first Hommes du Nord trip in 1965 from the railroad east of Savant Lake, to the Albany River, down the river to James Bay.

2) Current address: Brooklyn Park, MN

3) Nickname: Arnie

4) Life After Menogyn: I taught 3 years in Minneapolis School District and then
33 years in teaching and administrative positions in the Robbinsdale School District.
Earned a Masters Degree at Northern Colorado College 67-70. Married Judy Rusnacko (a “nordeast” girl) in 1971.  I had ridden my bike past her house many times in junior high, but we never met until we were both teaching in Robbinsdale.

I retired from education in 1999 and have enjoyed a variety of volunteer experiences (most notably on the boards of Camp Menogyn and our local chapter of the Izaak Walton League – The Breckenridge Chapter.) Judy and I have lived in the same home on the Mississippi River for 39 years. The 1½ acres and our six grandchildren keep us busy. We also enjoy traveling in the U.S. and abroad.

In the late 60’s three former Menogyn staff (Mike Lande, Fred Nordeen, and Chuck Norseng) and I acquired a lot near the SE end of West Bearskin and began building a cabin. After more than forty years it’s still a cabin approaching completion.
We’ve had many memorable moments there with friends and family.

I’ve continued to paddle.  In 64’ a group of former Menogyn staff paddled the Churchill and Seal Rivers to Hudson Bay.  In the summer of 72’ I paddled the Kazan River in the Northwest Territories (now Nunavet) to Baker Lake with a group of local paddlers. In 2004, Bill Jennings (Hutch) and I returned to the Seal river for a two week trip. Hutch and I have traveled together often: Quetico, Woodland Caribou and Wabakimi. And though his senility is often a problem, it is nice to have a Dr. on a trip.

5) Career: Education in Minneapolis and Robbinsdale Public Schools

6) Family: Wife Judy, daughter Amy, son Scott and six grandchildren

7) Favorite Trip/Campsites: BWCA – Davis, Cherokee, Little Sag, Frost River;
Shetanni Lake on Seal, The Kopka River Puddles, a great peninsula on Jean Lake in the Quetico, and Kazan Falls.

8) Recollection of Camp Directors: I met Jim Gilbert when I was in high school. He was organizing Hi-Y groups. He was also a member of our church. He was a wonderful role model for those of us lucky enough to know and work with him.

I met Arm Paulson at a staff get together in the winter of 1963. Arm possessed many of Jim’s qualities (a good sense of humor, a positive attitude). After working two years for Gilbert, I worked the last half of the 63’ summer for Arm. After the 64’ trip to the Bay, Arm asked me to guide the first Hommes in 65’. I’m not sure he would have asked me if he’d had to put up with me the entire summer of 63’.

9) Impacts of Menogyn Experience: Many of my best friends are those folks I’ve met through Menogyn. Working at Menogyn convinced me that a career in education made sense for me. Because of Menogyn I’ve learned to appreciate wild places and the wonders of the natural world.