Ye Old Menogyn Guides
Ted Gamelin

1) Staff Positions: Guide (1957-59); Trail Director (1962)

2) Current Address: Issaquah, WA

3) Life After Menogyn: After finishing graduate school at UCB in 1963, I went to MIT, then to La Plata in Argentina, then back to MIT. From 1968 to 2008 I was at UCLA, spending years abroad in England, Germany, and back in Argentina.
4) Professions/Careers: College Math Professor

5) Family: My wife Helen was with me at Menogyn the summer of 1962.  We have four children (Michelle, Andre, Daniel, David) and currently seven grandchildren. 

6) Favorite Trip/Campsite:   Weikwabinonaw River Trip; "Magoo's Leap" Campsite on Winchell Lake

7) Recollections of Camp Directors:  I've written a manuscript of 30 to 40 pages, with
remembrances from Menogyn . It includes material on Jim Gilbert, and
also Phil Brain, and lots of other things(also see # 8)  Unfortunately it's too long
to insert here, but a copy will be deposited in the Menogyn archives.  (Click)

8) Impacts of Menogyn Experience:  See my remembrances of Menogyn (Click)

9) Other Information: Another  portion of my manuscript  is published as  the "Early History"  web page on this site (Click)