Ye Old Menogyn Guides
Steve Goggin

1) Staff  Positions:  Camp Staff( 61-62) Guide (63-66 ); Assoc Camp Director (67 )

2) Nickname:  "Grog" - Where I got the nickname: The first meal in the Dining Hall in ’62 Dick Tripp mistakenly called me “Groggin”.

3) Current Residence: Ithaca, NY

4) Professions/Careers:  YMCA Outreach Director (Juvenile Justice Prevention); Cornell University in field of adolescent development and youth  work. Worked for the Madison, NJ Y for 6 years (’68-’74) followed by another 6 at the Silver Spring, Md YMCA (’74-’79) where I was the Outreach Director. We had a separate outreach facility, a couple of 15 passenger Maxi-vans and a staff of 8 fulltime outreach workers who had case loads of maybe 8-10 kids each. Focused on juvenile justice prevention and worked closely with the family court, law enforcement, and schools.

Moved to Ithaca with Kate in 1979, wrote a Juvenile Justice grant for my first job (Kate was hired as Director of Planned Parenthood.) Took me a couple of years to find a way into Cornell University in 1981 where I’ve been ever since, mostly doing training, writing curricula, and grants management in the field of adolescent development and youth work. There’s something entertaining about working at a university you could never have gotten into as a student. I officially retired in 2006 but am continuing in a part-time position.

5) Family:   Married (Kate-just retired from Cornell Development), 2 kids (Jennifer 40 yrs and Matthew 24) Jen is back to school for her Masters and will teach high school, Matt just started a Computer Science Graduate program in the Cornell College of Engineering. Jen has 2 young boys so that makes me a you-know-what.

6) Interests: I feel like I’m a traitor to the canoe since I switched to kayaks which I dearly love.  I have a friend who lets me use his cabin in Canada; it’s in the Canadian Shield and perfect kayak country.  Not much guitar playing anymore but every once in a while, I haul it out.  Also love to travel and in the past few years have been to South Africa, Costa Rica, Mexico, and an amazing 188 mile raft trip on the Colorado River. Also a fair amount of US travel for work, mostly monitoring grants in other states. Big movie fan and I try to stay in reasonable shape in case I ever have to arm wrestle Al Phipps again which I will avoid at all costs.

7) Friendships: It’s a real great thing to stay in touch with guys I consider lifelong friends, particularly Fred Nordeen (Walrus), Bob Jackson (Rube), and more recently Dick Tripp and Jim Arnold. Maurice Soulis (Maury) and I were college roommates and have been close friends since the Menogyn days.

8) Recollections of Camp Directors: 

9) Impacts of Menogyn Experience/ Staff :