Ye Old Menogyn Guides
Bob Jackson

1) Staff  Positions:   Guide  (1963)

2) Nickname: "Rube"

3) Current Residence:  Everett, WA

4) Life After Menogyn:  After my year at Menogyn I entered the twilight zone and came out all these years later unsure of where I’d been. Usually I lived in or around Seattle or Minneapolis

5) Careers/Professions:  Retired Mail Carrier

6) Family:  I married lots of good women before settling on the very best, Jean Murphy of Seattle. I have two good children, Jeff and Brad, and no bad ones. They each started paddling the BWCA at the age of two. 
7) Favorite Trips/Campsites I enjoyed paddling the Frost River route. My favorite campsite was a small island on Brule.

Recollections of Camp Director:  The thing I remember most about Arm Paulson was his serve. On the volleyball court the guides all pretty much played a form of jungle ball, but not Arm.He had been trained, so he could really let it rip. His lasting influence on me was to try always to get in the front row when receiving his serve. That way I wouldn’t ever have to be the one retrieving his serve from the lake.

9)  Impacts of Menogyn Experience/ Staff :  As a new guide at Menogyn, you may have been told that you are there to be a positive influence on the kids you take into the wilderness. That may in fact be the case, but the real effect of the Menogyn magic will be on you. Menogyn brought me lifelong friendships of the highest quality. It gets no better than that. After learning to handle all the things a guide has to do to be part of a successful canoe trip, the many life challenges that followed Menogyn became a whole lot easier.