Ye Old Menogyn Guides
Dave Malmberg

1) Staff Positions: Camp Assistant (1967)
In-camp I was in charge of the camp store plus any and all type of programming including group indoctrination to Menogyn upon arrival, after trip campfires, Sunday chapel and any programs that went on in the dining hall.  Another major accomplishment that summer was the construction of the upper and lower site staff cabins of which we all participated. 

2) Current Address: St. Paul, MN

3) Life After Menogyn:  After Menogyn studied classical guitar in Spain at the Conservatorio de Musica in Seville.  Entered the broadcasting business and ended up as Operations Director of radio stations K102 and WDGY.  Left radio and for the past 20 years have traveled the country with a music and ventriloquism show.  Have done numerous recordings on guitar and perform around 125 show dates a year. 

4) Professions/Careers: Radio Broadcasting, Professional Musician, Recording Artist, Entertainer.

5) Family: Currently living in Saint Paul with love of my life Cheryl.

6) Favorite Trip/Campsite:   Sag, Northern lights loop and spending time on Greer where firewood cut the previous year was still there. 

7) Recollections of Camp Directors:   Arm Paulson, Menogyn Director, was and is one of the single most spiritual mentors in my life.     It was an honor and privilege to have served at Menogyn

8) Impacts of Menogyn Experience:   Menogyn forever changed my life. The north country upon which we all did tread has become sacred to me in the ensuing years.

9) Other Information:  See my Stories ("Click")