Ye Old Menogyn Guides
Don Olson 

1) Staff Positions: Camp and Kitchen Assistant (1953); Guide (1954-1956)

2) Current Address: 14504 Glen Acres Rd. SW, Vashon, WA 98070

3) E-mail: 206-567-4581

4) Life After Menogyn: 1958 Graduated from Macalester College. 1959 Entered Graduate School, Univ. of Minn. Program in Health Care Admin (MHA degree. Married Betty Griffith, High School Sweetheart and Menogyn Camper. Entered Administrative Residency at Presbyterian Medical Center, Albuquerque, NM. Drafted into Army – completed two years at Sandia Base Hospital in Albuquerque. Completed Masters degree in 1962

5) Professions/Careers: 1962-65 Assistant Administrator, M.D. Anderson Hospital and Tumor Institute, Houston TX. 1965-1998.  Held Administration Positions at Mason Clinic, Virginia Mason Hospital and Virginia Mason Medical Center. Retired, December, 1998, at age 63

6) Family: Spouse Betty, celebrated our 50th anniversary in 2009 Three daughters, Laura Davidheiser, Lucy Gilmore and Mary Kay Rauma.  Each have two children resulting in five grandsons and one granddaughter.

7) Favorite Trips/Campsites:  Favorite trip was our Guides Break-in trip that took us north via Arrow into Canada and almost all new Guides country at that time. Returned via Granite River and Gunflint Lake. Loved the campsites on Winchell and Davis Lakes.

8) Recollections of Camp Directors: Phil Brain-a truly remarkable man. Some leaders attempt to create effective leadership by raising their voice and volume. Not with Phil. You knew there was a serious message being delivered when the voice lowered and words came slower. This was true "learning time" and it paid to pay attention. We all had some idea of what "Pops" had experienced but rarely ever talked about. His written memoirs all came well after his years of being Menogyn's Camp Director. But just our name for him is telling, respectful, comfortable, easy, and very deserving. He was always steady, always ahead of you in thoughts, so quick witted with ever well timed dry humor. I have no recollection of any guide being taken aside for a private tutoring session — if there was a message to impart he found a way of sharing in a positive way with all guides present how things should be. Phil had contracted Malaria during his imprisonment in a Japanese prison camp for three years during the Second World War (1941- 45). As we know, once in the body it never really leaves. We could always tell when it was trying to make a re-appearance by some sweat appearing below his nose and above his upper lip — not much but just enough to convey that this was not a good day.  Although he never said so, I'm sure the freedom, openness and beauty of our beloved canoe country was a daily healing seminar for Phil. With so few words he made me a much better person.

9)  Impacts of Menogyn Experience:  Too many to detail. But always leaving a campsite better than you found it has had lasting value and benefit with so much life since Menogyn. Menogyn was life changing . All grandchildren have received support and encouragement to be Menogyn Campers. So far all have attended at the eligible age, all for multiple years and the oldest was a Guide this year (Eric Davidheiser). With Menogyn assistance they are putting in place the foundation for a successful life.