Ye Old Menogyn Guides
Don Peterson

1) Staff Positions: Guide (1960-63)

2) Nickname: "Donnie Pete"

3) Current Address: Montrose, CO

4) Life After Menogyn: Attended school at the University of Minnesota (U of M) from 1959-1963 for BA/BS degrees in math and teaching, and follow-on  graduate work  at U of M and Stevens Institute of Technology in New Jersey for MA degree in Math and Computer Science.  Met my future wife at U of M.  Canoed on different rivers in Minnesota and  Snowshoed in Boundary Water Canoe Area with before leaving for New Jersey 

5) Professions/Careers: High School Math Teacher;  Systems Engineer; Software Engineer Taught high school math in the St Paul school system  from 1965 to 1966.   Later changed career paths and  joined  Bell Telephone Labs as a Systems Engineer  Eventually joined the MITRE Corporation in Bedford, Mass where I worked as a systems and software engineer on the specification, procurement, development, and testing of the missile warning, air defense, and space surveillance computer systems located within the NORAD mountain complex - outside Colorado Springs.

6) Family: I meet my wife Marilyn on a bus returning from the University of Minnesota Rose Bowl game in 1962.  We have been married 45 years, have one daughter, Christine, and three grandsons. We eventually settled down in Montrose, Colorado three  years ago after having lived and worked in Colorado Springs for 23 years.  We have lived in several other states and towns, but Montrose, Colorado is the best place yet since it has a great climate; views of spectacular snow covered peaks; and picturesque rivers, streams, and valleys.

7) Travels & Adventure:  Marilyn and I have especially enjoyed the outdoors during our 45 years together - canoeing, camping, hiking, and exploring-particularly in the wilderness areas and national parks– wherever we lived.  When we lived in Minnesota, we made several canoe trips into the BWCA.  And we still miss the seclusion and beauty of the BWCA of those early times.

8) Favorite Routes:   a) Granite River route back through Greer Lake, b) Alice, Polly, Bear southwest loop; (c)  Saganaga, Gabi..., Little Saganaga, loop; (d) Northern Lights, Plummes, Mowe, Nelson Creek  north route.

9) Favorite Lakes/Campsite: Little Saganaga,  Rose, North, Winchell, Davis, Cherokee

10) Recollections of Camp Directors:   Jim Gilbert had a profound influence on my life and values. Jim encouraged me to become involved as a Hi-Y leader, Y’s Men, and luckily a Menogyn camper and guide. (see my Stories) 

11)  Impacts of Menogyn Experience/ Staff :  Many and profound. (See my Stories)