Ye Old Menogyn Guides
Roger StrandTBS

1) Staff Positions: Guide (1954, 56)

2) Current Address: New London, MN

3) Life After Menogyn:  Subsequent college summer jobs: Two seasons counting salmon in Alaska with the USFWS and one summer paddling to Hudson Bay with two lifelong friends from Menogyn, Coley Carlson and Ade Peyrat, in 1958. Along with another friend, we travelled down the Churchill River, then headed north up to the North Knife River system to reach the Bay. Then it was back to medical school in Minneapolis, during which time. Kay and I were married, just 50 years ago. Internship in Tacoma, then two years in the U.S. Public Health Service on the Fort Belknap Indian Reservation in Montana. A general surgery residency at Hennepin County General Hospital was followed by joining a group practice in Willmar, MN. In retirement, Kay and I live on our farm, which is mostly woods, small lakes and wetlands, and is located in northern (naturally) Kandiyohi County.

4) Professions/Careers: Retired Surgeon (See # 3)

5) Family: Kay and I have four children, Mary, Mac, Katherine, and Bob – all have been to Menogyn as campers; two were guides on the staff.

6) Travels & Adventure:   (See # 4)

7) Favorite Routes/Campsites:   Two trips stand out from those years: Staff break-in trip up Arrow Lake to the Weikwabinonaw Lake and River system (a road cuts through some of that country now), and a trip with campers to Greenwood and Powell Lakes, then down the Greenwood and Wawiag Rivers to Kawnipi.

8)  Subsequent Menogyn Associations:  In 1956, I joined with three other Menogyn guides and lifelong friends, Norm Dahl, Jim Riley, and René Fournier, to purchase a log cabin on the north shore of West Bearskin. We call it the Drifters’ Camp. Currently it is owned by Norm’s widow, Marion, and myself. It continues to be a gathering place for the families involved, including a wide Menogyn family of friends. It is a place to unwind, redirect, and remember. Please come visit the Drifters’ Camp – Fire #71N. Bring a sleeping bag and stay awhile.

9) Reflections on Camp Director:   Phil Brain was a hero to me, teaching straightforward honesty, courage, and the importance of hewing to the team concept. You will understand if you read Phil’s book recounting his W.W. II experience, Soldier of Bataan, which carries his subtitle, Retrospective Observations of a Thoughtful Survivor.