Ye Old Menogyn Guides
John Thoren

1) Staff Positions: Guide (1963, part of 1964) 

2) Current Residence: Neenah, WI

3) Life After Menogyn: BA Univ. of MN; George Williams College

4) Careers/Professions: 1967-79 (YMCA of Grand Rapids, MI); 1979-89 (Y Community Center of Neenah-Menasha, WI); “assorted” employments up to retirement in 2004

5) Family: Wife Judy; Sons Jeremy and Jeff
6) Favorite Trips/Campsites: Wawiag River trip.
    Memorable campsites: Gaskin (island)

7) Recollections of Camp Directors: I worked for Arm Paulson in some other YMCA capacities before he recruited me for Camp Menogyn. He always seemed to understand me and fellow guides, and though we may have deserved some criticism it never left his lips. He could convey toughness and high expectations, but he taught me the merits of positivity.

8) Impacts of Menogyn Experience :  Like so many will say, Menogyn was a life-impacting experience. What I discovered in personal capabilities, and in group-life insights, and in wilderness refreshments, and in life-long friendships has had inestimable benefits. I am “back on the trail” and “kickin’ back in camp” in my musings and daydreams all the time. I’m sure that whatever I display in “push a little farther”, “make-do with what I got”, “take good, good care of my equipment”, and “encourage a tired traveler” had its start and inspiration from the Menogyn experience.