Ye Old Menogyn Guides
John Traver 

1) Staff  Positions:   Assistant Cook (1956), Guide (57-58),Trail Director (61)

2) Nickname:

3) Current Residence:  St. Paul, MN

4) Life After Menogyn: 

4) Careers/Professions:  St. Paul Y Executive Director

6) Family:  Wife Bonnie, two daughters

7) Favorite Trips/Campsites: 

8) Recollections of Camp Directors:  All the way from my Hi-Y contact with Jim at the North East Branch of the Minneapolis YMCA to my retirement in 1999, Jim was my guide both professionally and personally.  Jim was always so humble, yet he was such an inspirational cheerleader, good listener, optimistic supporter, mentor and friend to everyone. He clearly exhibited the “love your neighbor as yourself” commandment and seemed to be comfortable with everyone he met. He had such a “soft coach” style of influence one hardly noticed the strong guidance he was providing. So many people have come to admire him and emulate his approach to life.

9) Impacts of Menogyn Experience/ Staff :  During the three summers with Jim Gilbert at Camp Menogyn,  I decided to change my major to sociology/psychology and then become a YMCA Professional Director like him.

10) Stories :   ("Click")