Ye Old Menogyn Guides

 Stories by Menogyn Staff (1948-1967)

The real story of Menogyn is the stories of the people (campers and staff) who were transformed by the wilderness experience. The wilderness removes one from normal routines, habits, distractions, and comforts. People gain more confidence and awareness in themselves. They learn how to deal with tough situations, and how to work as a group.  Many become more aware of the remoteness, beauty, and value of wilderness areas.  And serve as future advocates and stewards for their preservation.  

The  Menogyn staff gained as much if not more by this experience than the campers.   Many stories tell how the experience transformed their lives; others reflect on the character, leadership, and manner of the camp directors or other staff; many describe camp and trail life; several include humorous incidents and pranks.

Menogyn Stories

Time FrameName Titles by Author & Chapter  
48John Johnson"This Was Camp Menogyn"Johnson-click
  (1) "When Break-in Training Really Was";  (2) Clearing the Site";
(3) "The Missing Link on Saginaw"
52-53Don Olson(1)  "Thoughts on Phil"; (2) "Baby in Camp"; (3) "Hernandos";Olson-click
  (4) " Guide Break-in Trip"; (5) "The Monster;"  (6) "Well Digging;" 
  (7) "Menogyn in the Winter"; (8)  "Camp Cook";   (9) "Billy Needham"; 
  (10) "Women Campers";  (11) "Entering Canada";  (12) "Squaw Hop" ;
(13) "City Slickers"
57Jim Sudmeier1) "How I Got the Job"; (2) "Shooting Saganaga Falls"; (3) "Eaten by Bears";Sudmeier
   (4) "Daisy Mae"; (5) "Linc Teaches Origami in Kybo";  
  (6) "The Compleat Guide Wardrobe";  (7) "Hooking the Big Ones on Davis Lake " 
  (8) "Cooking Secret-Starved Campers";  (9) "Trail Manners" 
  (10) " Nature Study in the Garbage Dump""  
56-59Skip Fikkan(1) "The Start"; (2) "Cooking"; (3) "Mishaps on the Trail"; (4) "Women on the Trail";Fikkan-click
   (5) "Bears and Squirrels"; (6) "Proper Attire and Gear"; (7) "Around Camp"; 
  (8) "A Winter Visit to Menogyn"; (9) "The Beauty of the Wilderness";  
  (10) "Life After Menogyn" 
56-58John Traver1) "Jim Gilbert's Impact on John Traver"; (2) "J. W. Brown, More Than a Cook";Traver-click
  (3) "Garbage Pit Bears";  (4) "I Don't Want to Die!" 
57-59Jim Riley"Old Guides Trip", Summer 1962 by Jim RileyRiley-click
  (1)  - (n) Chapters 
58-59Jim Gagen(1) "Menogyn Apple Pie"; (2) "The Bear on Agnes Lake";Gagen
  (3) "The Grand Portage with Jim Riley" 
60-63Don Peterson(1)  "Reflections on Jim Gilbert"; (2) "My Menogyn Trip as a Camper";"Peterson-click
   (3) "Spirit of the 60s";  (4)  "Work Projects of the Third Kind" ;  
  (5)  "Please Pass the Butter"; (6)  "Growing Up is Hard to Do" 
61-66Bruce Ahlquist(1) "Some Remembrances of Menogyn;"  (2) "Remembrances of Arm Paulson";Ahlquist-click
62-63Paul Norton(1) "Rose Lake Raid; (2) "Camper Questions"; (3) "Paddle to Winchell Lodge"Norton-click
  (4) "Calling the Natives" 
63-67Arm Paulson(1) "Fight to Establish the BWCAW"; (2) "Surreptitious Trip to Rose Lake;" 
 (3) "Whispers of Yahweh"; (4)  "A Sauna,  Soap, and a Canoe" ;
   (5) "Queen Bear and Wet Pants"; (6)  "Bears,  Traps, and the Arkansas Boys"  
63Bob Jackson(1) "Trip to Camp Menogyn - First Impressions"; (2) "Going to Town";Jackson-click
  (3) "At Home in the Wilderness" 
65-67Maurice Soulis(1) "That Really Tightened His Jaw"; (2) "Happy Birthday Mabel";Soulis-click
  (3) "Why Not the Best?"; (4) "Nap Time"; (5) "Entering Camp"; (6) "Just Say No" 
65-66John Skaggs(1) "Coming of Age"Skaggs-click
66-67Dan Helle(1) "Northern Lights Falls"Helle-click
67Dave Malmberg(1) "The Quiet";  (2) Wisdom in the Holer"Malmberg-click